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Company Culture

Today, with economic integration, what we are facing is no longer regional or domestic competition, but world competition. Therefore, in order to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise, it is necessary to create the spiritual wealth and values with the characteristics of the enterprise in the production, operation and management activities of the enterprise, namely, the enterprise culture.

Since the establishment of the company, the enterprise culture is "hard culture and soft culture" as the soul of the enterprise culture and promote the development of the enterprise. Among them, hard culture includes: factory appearance, factory appearance, production equipment, product modeling, appearance and quality, etc.; Soft culture includes system culture and enterprise spirit. In the process of enterprise production and operation, we have better than the domestic factory control standards and international standards; There is a strict management system and comprehensive staff training; Having a patent for invention for the production equipment or the appearance design of the product; Clean production environment and excellent professional team; There are pre-press, press in, press after the complete one-stop service.

To meet customer's expectations and requirements of product quality for the purpose of quality; Sincere hospitality to new and old customers, to understand their needs, full production tracking, to ensure that the product quality, quantity, delivery on time, quickly deal with customer feedback as the service standard. We have economic efficiency, management system, work principles, work efficiency of the style of enterprise. We are gradually improving the enterprise management and employee welfare security system, we  regularly hold company group activities to relieve the work pressure of employees. We advocate people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, and return to the society.


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