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Company advantage

.Production Process: Caipa is the only production-oriented foreign trade enterprise that can realize one-stop service in the same industry. The product production process includes from pre-press (plate making), in press (printing), after press (packaging) to final production and earning foreign exchange.

.Production process: including plate making process and printing process.

.The plate making process is the production of the mold of printing product patterns. The mold is made by the world's popular environmental flexible plate making technology and environmental flexible materials, named Relief flexo for short.

.The printing process process referred to as "ink printing", is to print single-color or multi-color patterns on the product, using environmentally friendly water-based ink. Water-based ink diluted with pure water and edible alcohol, can never fade. It is the world recognized environmentally friendly ink and the only designated ink for food and drug use in the United States.

.Personality design: product design fully realize personalized customization, such as: adding QR code to become paper media products, Logo is added to advertise products and so on. There is no design we can't do, only you can't think of.

.Production environment: Caipa adopts the strict production environment of food grade, the implementation of "finishing,rectify, sweep, clean and quality "as the content of the 5S management system.

.Quality control system: Caipa has passed many international and domestic certifications

.International certification: SGS, LFCTB, FDA, FSC, BSCI, SEDEX and other international certification.

.Domestic certification: IS9001:2015 quality system certification.

.Service tenet: Caipa welcome new and old customers with sincerity and enthusiasm, understand their needs accurately, follow up the whole process of production, ensure product quality, quantity and delivery on time, and quickly deal with customer feedback as the service standard. We have economic efficiency, management system, work principles, work efficiency of the style of enterprise.We are gradually improving the enterprise management and employee welfare security system, we regularly hold company  group activities to relieve the work pressure of employees.We advocate people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, back to society.   


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